7 Types of Forklifts Widely Used In Industrial Applications


What is a Forklift?

A forklift is a piece of industrial equipment with a powered platform in the front. It features a fork that can be lifted and lowered and positioned underneath a load to help in picking and moving it. Forklifts Palmyra PA can be driven by either internal combustion engines or by electrical batteries.

Different Types of Forklifts

  • Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks trade their size and load-carrying capabilities to lift modest goods and accommodate them in small spaces. These are often operated by a battery.

  • Counterbalance Forklift

This type of forklift features prongs in front and counteracting weights in the rear. Because they can be driven straight to the loads, counterbalance forklifts do not have extending arms. These are widely utilized in cases requiring circular movement.

  • Walkie Stacker

Unlike conventional forklifts, walkie stackers do not have operator cabs. Rather, the operator needs to stand behind the equipment and physically direct it using an attached handle. The Walkie stacker likewise lacks agility, speed, and power, but it can go considerably higher off the surface than the pallet jack and is thus utilized where pallets have to be transported to greater elevations.

  • Order Picker

A Walkie stacker variant, order pickers can reach heights of up to 32 feet and are meant to raise operators to storage racks rather than typical load lifting. These forklifts Gardners PA are found in customer order warehouses and storage areas, where operators can be raised to warehouse racks to lower individual components of stock rather than complete pallets.

  • Reach Fork Truck

A reach fork truck features prongs that can extend outside the compartment and access warehouse racks in ways that normal forklifts cannot. The cab operator compartment is open, allowing for better sight. Reach fork trucks with stable legs and forward-extending forks can be utilized for rapid and precise pallet picking.

  • Telehandler

A telehandler is a crane and a forklift in one because it has an extending arm positioned on a boom. The forks are hooked to the arm, allowing a telehandler to raise things from the surface to great heights in the air. These forklifts in Palmyra PA can easily reach tight spaces and unusual angles, making them handy for building projects.

  • Industrial Forklifts

Industrial forklifts integrate the capability of telehandlers and warehouse forklifts. Although it cannot reach narrow cornered locations, it can readily move considerably bigger items to higher heights than a warehouse forklift. These forklifts have limited applicability in the carrying of big loads for industrial applications due to their highly specialized functioning.

Rent The Best Forklifts

Forklifts are among the most versatile equipment available for builders. Forklifts can securely carry goods that people cannot, making them important on every job site, whether you need to transport huge cargo in a warehouse or on a construction site. Forklifts Gardners PA is a key player on any job site because of its capacity to lift and carry goods of varied sizes. It can be tough to choose the best forklift because there are so many different kinds and models to choose from.

Forklift models differ in various aspects, from the type of fuel and tire composition to lift capability and height, and it is critical to examine these considerations when choosing a forklift model. If you look forward to renting the best forklifts for your ongoing or upcoming projects, check out the top-class and well-maintained forklift models available at Rent Equip. You can also get the best professional consultation in choosing the right forklift model for your projects.

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